Hip Hop Jewelry Update!

September 8, 2011 at 4:26 pm

It’s been a massive time for the hip hop music industry of late. The biggest names in hip hop – most notably Lil Wayne and a combo of Jay Z and Kanye West – have released brand new albums to massive critical and commercial acclaim. As a genre, hip hop music is showing no signs of ever slowing down. Much the same, as a luxury niche, hip hop jewelry is on the permanent up and up too.

We all like some Cash Money, whether we’re talking about the record label or the dolla dolla bills. When it comes to the latter, you won’t have to part with much of your hard earned cash to become the proud owner of some world class hip hop jewelry – if you shop online with TraxNYC that is. Our hip hop deals will not be beaten.

It’s true that times are tough for many of us at the moment, and the days of humongous gold and diamond pieces are almost gone as a result. Gold prices hit a record high only last week and they don’t look like slowing down any time soon. Of course if you are a hip hop star you can still afford to buy whatever the hell you like, but unfortunately most of us can’t label ourselves as such.

But don’t let outside factors deter you from going large with your hip hop jewelry. The Trax custom department has developed a flat rate custom pendant option for our customers where, using synthetic stones and solid silver instead of diamonds and gold, you can make that sick hip hop pendant you have always dreamed of for one great price.

Connect with TraxNYC today and get on board with some iced out hip hop jewelry to accompany your hip hop music collection.