Anniversary Diamond Rings When & How?

July 27, 2012 at 7:02 pm

Anniversary diamond rings are an elegant, sophisticated way of telling someone that you care for them. They are a great anniversary gift because you are able to give your partner a luxury that you might not have been able to afford previously. Not to say that diamonds are only for the rich as diamond ring can be found for under $200.

To be able to surprise someone with an anniversary diamond ring is a magical experience. Traditionally the 60th anniversary is the “diamond” anniversary.  There should be no need for any certain special anniversary year however because they will make any year special and unforgettable. Sometimes it is nice to get something completely unexpected.

The first step is finding out your partners ring size. It is best not to blatantly ask your partner what their size is as it would ruin the surprise. The partner would know something was in the works. If possible take a ring that they already own to jeweler and they would be able to properly measure out the ring size.

Once you know what size to order then it becomes a question of the type of diamond you want and how you want it displayed. There are many different styles in rings. A singular diamond could be used as a centerpiece of the ring or there can be many smaller stones can be woven around artistically to form a shape of sorts.

Having this idea of style you are looking for it then becomes necessary to be able to differentiate between the different types of diamonds. Diamonds are measured by weight, clarity, color and cut. Weight is how big the diamond is and is going to be a big indicator of price as larger diamonds are rarer. Clarity and color will affect how the diamond will look. Connoisseurs of diamonds strive for a clear as possible diamond with no imperfections within the stone. (This is what makes the diamond ‘sparkle’) Cut is simply how the stone was cut whether it is the shape of an oval, square or triangular.

Armed with this knowledge it is possible to make an informed decision in what to look for when purchasing this anniversary keepsake.  All jewelers should be able to provide some sort of warranty in case the stone was not set properly.  Beware of any diamond jeweler that does not provide a certificate of authenticity stating the properties of the diamond. Do not trust retailers who do not. Keeping this certificate will also help if you ever decide to resell the ring.