TraxNYC Diamond Cross Pendants

May 25, 2011 at 10:48 pm

At TraxNYC, we epitomize the glamour of fine diamonds and jewelry. For us, diamonds represent “the good life” and give a sense of satisfaction, because we know they will never lose their exceptional value. That is part of the allure of diamonds – and gold too – because their rarity and appearance make them irresistible to many, ourselves included.

Resting comfortably at the pinnacle of the jewelry industry in New York City’s one and only Diamond District, over the years we at TraxNYC have witnessed a revolution in diamond jewelry. We’re talking about hip hop jewelry; once a fringe specialty product, now a global phenomenon, just like the brand of music it is named after.

Classically, mens jewelry might have been restricted to a conservative diamond watch or a solid gold wedding band, where as now men enjoy the luxury of diamonds as much as their female counterparts. Now hip hop jewelry is beloved in every section of society and permeates all areas of life, from the streets to the stars. At TraxNYC we are mens jewelry and hip hop jewelry specialists, and today we want to introduce you to our famed diamond cross pendants.

TraxNYC diamond cross pendants are renowned for their one-of-a-kind styles – these pieces are straight up iced-out masterpieces. Our diamond cross pendants will strip the air from your lungs the minute you lay eyes on them, so when you check them out be prepared to witness some truly amazing diamond jewelry!
One of our best-selling diamond cross pendants is the 5 Bezel Cross. This beautiful diamond jewelry specimen is what any man would want as a starter cross and features three quarter carats of startling diamonds set in luxuriant 14k yellow gold. For such high quality diamonds – and keeping in mind today’s gold prices – this diamond cross pendant is a bargain, so don’t miss out.

Speaking of best sellers, the Spartan Cross is another great piece that is now available for a spectacular low price. Featuring over two full carats of sparkling H color diamonds, this diamond cross pendant is the pinnacle of twenty-first century hip hop jewelry design. This is one hip hop jewelry piece you need to have.
Trax has some of the best hip hop jewelry specimens you are ever going to see. No other jeweler, whether online or in stores, can match TraxNYC – on price or on quality. Our NYC Diamond District location and stellar diamond industry connections allow us to consistently provide you with unbelievable deals. Trax is your no.1 for hip hop jewelry, every time.