Indulge yourself in some great value diamond jewelry from TraxNYC

November 7, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Sunday is a day of relaxation. Finding time to relax is hard these days, downtime has really become a luxury in our hectic modern world. So while indulging in some much needed R & R this Sunday why not treat yourself to another luxury – diamond jewelry at TraxNYC.

Of course we all know that diamonds are a luxury item, but at TraxNYC we make the highest quality diamond jewelry available to you at such low prices that you don’t have to blow a huge hole in your budget in order to buy some stunning pieces from us. Today we will show you some examples of superior diamond jewelry that is available to you at TraxNYC for well under $500.

In our Mens Diamond Jewelry department we have an extensive stock of new items for you to choose from this weekend. Take Mens Diamond Earrings for instance – an ever-popular hip hop jewelry accessory that sells like wildfire here at TraxNYC. We have expanded our line to include jaw-dropping new pieces like Mens Diamond Earrings 19953 with 1.2 carats of canary, red, black and G-H diamonds on 10k yellow gold. This piece from our Mens Diamond Earrings collection is selling at the unbelievable price of $400.

A more traditional choice of Mens Diamond Jewelry is the classic Mens Diamond Ring. And for a totally affordable yet totally stylish and classy option check out our 19935 14K Yellow Gold Ring featuring 0.16ct SI1 round cut, prong set diamonds. This stylish gold Mens Diamond Ring is available now for the absolutely stunning price of $120. You won’t see any 14K gold jewelry for that kind of price anywhere else.

If you don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on a Womens Diamond Ring, take a look at our amazingly affordable options such as the Ladies Square Crown Pave Ring for just $405! This comes complete with 0.86ct SI diamonds in prong, bezel and pave settings. This intricately designed Womens Diamond Ring is sure to sparkle on any occasion!

As you can see, we have diamond jewelry options for even the lowest of budgets. So don’t fear that word ‘recession’, continue to live your life in luxury for less with the help of TraxNYC.