Womens Diamond Jewelry at TraxNYC

November 5, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Although we are leaders in the fields of hip hop jewelry and diamond watches, TraxNYC also rises to the top when it comes to Womens Diamond Jewelry. Now that it is coming up to the holiday season, we expect thousands of you to be coming to us looking for that most desirable of Christmas gifts – diamond jewelry. So get in there early and pick up the gift of a lifetime from TraxNYC for a price that no other diamond jeweler can match.

A sparkling pair of Womens Diamond Earrings make for a perfect diamond jewelry gift to compliment any outfit this holiday season. Always prepared, we have a ton of hot new stock for you to choose from. Check out our SI2 Round Cut Stud Earrings featuring a stunning 1.25 carats of, as the name suggests, SI2 round cut diamond earrings. These magnificent stones are held in a prong setting on 14K white gold. And the best part is these unique earrings will only cost you an unbelievable $470!

Womens Diamond Necklaces are a traditional diamond jewelry specialty that we have an extensive supply of at TraxNYC. There is nothing quite like a Womens Diamond Necklace when trying to achieve that elegant diamond jewelry look. And there is also no doubt that pearls are an excellent accompaniment to diamonds in any necklace – so take a look at our new Ladies Pearl Necklace 10937. This scintillating piece glimmers with 0.25 carats of SI round cut diamonds and its central pearl is a staggering 13mm wide. This exclusive necklace will have you or a loved one looking like royalty this Christmas for only $2600.

Finally we come to that diamond jewelry classic – Womens Diamond Rings. TraxNYC’s collection of Womens Diamond Rings is rivaled by no one; you simply cannot compete with us when it comes to both quality and quantity. This holiday season we have a prestigious selection of all new Womens Diamond Rings for you to choose from when you are doing your diamond jewelry gift shopping. For a prime example just check out our Ladies Diamond Ring 19937 featuring 0.6 carats of magnificent SI1 diamonds on 14K white gold for the unmissable sale price of just $400.

Do yourself a favor and do your holiday season gift shopping the easy way with Womens Diamond Jewelry at TraxNYC.