Black and White Diamonds Trends pt. 1

September 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm

We have recently custom manufactured some super high end black and white diamond jewelry that should be shared with the world.

First off we have the item below.

Black Diamond BraceletWhite Gold Black Diamond

What a superb example of custom black diamond jewelry. This bracelet is a classic timeless piece, 2 rows of black diamonds separated by 2 rows of white diamond fire.
When making a purchase of this bracelet or any other custom jewelry at TraxNYC remember all the options of personalization. The diamond skeem of this bracelet currently resembles an Oreo cookie pattern but consider we can customize it to any pattern that can thought of in a four row skeem. Black and white diamond zig zags or my personal favorite, just randomly set diamonds. In any case todays hip hop jewelry trends at this point have many influences, but nothing influences the jewelry trends like price. And todays price of gold and diamonds is reaching above attainable prices for even the ones we call “well off”. This brings us to our next item that we feature on the link below.

For an initial pendant of this size and this quality the usual asking price would be around $2500 – $3500. We have managed to avoid this price and only offer it at a bargain diamond price of $1580. How did we manage this? By using the black and white diamond mix in our black diamond chains, making white diamond jewelry, black diamond rings affordable and beautiful.

We have a number of pieces that are of great interest int he category of black diamonds on our site. In that section you find all of our latest hip hop jewelry pieces and some of our most prestigious custom work. When you are ready to come up in the diamond jewelry industry with a black and white set of your own TraxNYC and the black diamond section are the only way to go. We are the only ones experienced enough to manufacture the jewelry, the only ones with to right diamond parcels to get you the diamond prices that you need to make your jewelry unique, affordable and cutting edge.