Super Custom Diamond Watches – Gucci

August 5, 2010 at 7:55 pm
Diamond Digital Gucci Super Custom Jewelry is a TraxNYC exclusive for the following reasons. First off our custom jewelers are in house, and are dedicated jewelry artists rather then second class setters like other company’s use to make there custom diamond jewelry. Second reason is our experience. After manufacturing over 23 thousand mens diamond rings and extremely intricate hip hop jewelry pieces our skill-set has evolved onto a level of custom manufacturing we call super custom. Prime example of super custom is one of our favorite pieces, the “Super Diamond Gucci”.

Lets discuss what makes this custom diamond Gucci a super one and not just a regular Gucci.

The quality of the setting is world class hand setting letting the diamonds breathe and shine with minimum prongs.
The quality of the diamonds is on par with what you would expect with a brand like Gucci.
Here comes the super part. The diamonds are even set on the buttons and clasp. This requires careful dis-assembly of the Gucci watch and even then only the highest skill set will allow a setter to input diamonds by hand on metal that thin.
Add in professional polish and finish and the result will be a Diamond Gucci Watch in a class above the rest.