The Diamond Earrings Trend – Get On it

July 18, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Diamond earrings have been a central fashion trend in the jewelry industry for decades, even centuries. Today you can find diamond earrings that come in a wide variety of styles, from hip hop jewelry to more traditional, conservative diamond earrings that you will find in jewelry stores far and wide.

Diamond earrings signify style and class, showing that the wearer isn’t someone to be ignored. Invariably they have been worn by all of the most glamorous women in history. From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez, diamonds – and diamond earrings in particular it seems – are a girls best friend.

It was many years ago that earrings began to transcend the boundaries of gender, becoming popular with men as far back as the sixties and seventies. However back then it was usually gold hoops that men would wear. Today, diamond earrings are finally being taken up by men as a serious fashion trend. And that’s all down to the influence of hip hop jewelry.

Hip hop superstars like Kanye and Jay Z have make no secret of their love for the finer things in life – and what could be finer than a fine diamond? As more and more rappers begin to sport huge rocks in their ears, more and more of their fans want to emulate them. Thus we are seeing a seemingly exponential rise in the sale of mens diamond earrings!

There are many diamond earring trends out there today. Solitaire studs and chandeliers tend to be two of the most popular styles for the ladies, while men have made the square pave look part of the hip hop jewelry iconography.

Black diamonds are a particularly popular earring component nowadays. They can be found everywhere you look, from seriously high end jewels to budget pieces. Black diamond earrings are a great choice for the consumer, as they are less expensive than traditional diamonds but still offer you that unmistakable iced out look.

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