Thin Gold Chains

April 10, 2013 at 12:10 am

Thin gold chains are made with a certain delicacy that appeals to most eyes. They are mostly feather-light in weight and are extremely flexible because of their similarity to link chains. Due to this they are comfortable to wear and one can go on wearing it without even realizing it’s there. This makes it highly popular with not just women, but men as well.

Jewelry made of gold has been in fashion since ancient civilizations, like the great Egyptian Roman civilizations. The metal is worn around the neck, wrist, ankles, and even used as an adornment on clothes as a steady symbol of status and wealth. Even though fashion and jewelry designs keep changing with time, the charm of the thin gold chain has remained intact throughout the years.

Various designs of such chains have flooded the market to meet the requirements of countless buyers. They come in looped, linked and beaded chain styles. A pallet of shades of gold and silver is also available for the buyers to choose from. Even though bright gold is the most traditional color of gold chains, some people prefer lighter shades to compliment their age or personality. The color of the chain usually depends on the quality of the metal and, of course, personal preference.

If you are interested in buying a thin gold chain, you will first need to determine your budget. Depending on that, you can decide what karat gold should be used in its making. Even though higher karats sound appealing, keep in mind that these metals are softer than mixed ones. Thin chains made of these need extra care as they can break with rough use or if pulled too hard. Higher karat gold is also much brighter. Those looking for a more mellow appearance can choose to go with duller shades or with white gold. Other people looking for uniqueness can opt for the two-toned chain. The length and design of the chain will also vary, depending on personal preferences.

Thin gold chains are not bound to the occurrence of any special event or occasion. They can be worn casually anytime, and can also be proudly showcased at parties despite their simple appearance. They are easy to wear because of their weight and size, and the use of gold in such chains ensures that they do not get stained with constant use.

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