10K Gold Junior Cross and 24 Inches Silver Franco n Set Diamond

3 Row Invisible Diamond Ring

VS2 G 1.80ct 14k

Mens Black Diamond Set 21883

SI1,AAA G,Bla.. 19.60ct 10k

Hip Hop Jewelry - Blue & White Pave Ring

SI1 H,Blue 1.50ct 14k

Hip Hop Jewelry - 3 Tone Star Earrings

SI1 Canar.. 1.00ct 10k

Black Diamond Spartan Cross

AAA Black 2.00ct 10k
Sean's Champagne Chain Diamond

Sean's Champagne Chain

SI1-VS2 H,Can.. 24.00ct 14k
$24,035.00 $17,000.00

Joe Rodeo Tyler JTY13

SI1 H 2.00ct

Toni Cross 2

SI1 G 3.32ct 14k

YG Toni 7 Row Bracelet

SI1-VS2 H 15.00ct 14k

Canary Baguette Cross Earrings

SI1-VS1 H,Can.. 4.50ct 14k

Black Night Ring

AAA Black 3.00ct 10k

Yellow Skull Head Pendant

SI1-VS2 G-H,B.. 6.75ct 14k

Canary E Pendant

VS2 F-G,C.. 7.00ct 14k

Iced Dog Tag

SI1 H 15.00ct 14k

Diamond Bulldog Pendant 2

SI1 H,Can.. 9.50ct 10k
$4,060.00 $3,300.00
Toni 6 Row Bracelet Diamond

Toni 6 Row Bracelet

SI1-SI2 G 11.00ct 14k
$7,220.00 $6,400.00

Canary 3 Row Toni Bracelet

SI1 Canary 5.75ct 14k

Junior Presidential Bracelet

VS1-VVS.. G 20.65ct 14k

YG Canary Flat Cross Ring

SI1 G,Can.. 0.85ct 10k

Fabiano Ring

VS2 G 3.79ct 14k

8 Stone Solitaire Pendant

VS1-VVS.. F-G 24.00ct 18k

Bart the Skater Pendant 2

SI1 G-H,C.. 2.91ct 10k
Priced by Inquires Only

Unique Canary & White Jesus Pendant

SI1 Canar.. 3.95ct 14k

Money Bag Pendant

VS1 G-H 7.50ct 14k
$5,910.00 $5,614.00

Disco Earrings

VS1 G 7.43ct 18k

14K White Gold Hip Hop Diamond Earrings 61447

SI2-SI3 G 0.18ct 14k
$545.00 $319.00
Toni 4 Row Diamond

Toni 4 Row

SI2-VS2 H 7.45ct 10k
$6,225.00 $4,544.00

NYC Bracelet

VS1 F-G 26.00ct 14k

Fire and Ice Bracelet 2

SI1-VS2 G-H 28.25ct 14k

Presidential Bracelet

VS1-VVS.. F-G 39.45ct 14k

Yellow Gold Presidential Bracelet

VS1-VVS.. G-H 20.65ct 14k

Hip Hop Benny & Co Blue Watch

VS1 F-G,B.. 7.50ct
$6,500.00 $5,500.00

Lane Cross

AAA,SI2 Black.. 6.40ct 14k

Laugh Now Cry Later

VS1 F-G 8.08ct 14k

Black Skeletal Pendant

VS1,AAA Black 9.60ct 14k

Mega Iced Hip Hop Bracelet

VS1-VVS.. G 13.15ct 14k

Joe Rodeo Masterpiece

VS1 G 24.20ct 14k

Joe Rodeo Junior Full

Priced by Inquires Only

Invisible Ocean XL Ring

VS1 F-G,B.. 8.75ct 14k

Green Quartz Set

SI1 H 1.03ct 14k

Danny's Ring

VS1 G 3.30ct 14k

Blue Brolik Ring

SI1 H,Blue 4.10ct 14k

Black Diamond Spider Pendant

VS1 Black 20.00ct 14k

Full Jesus Pendant

VS1 F-G,B.. 15.80ct 14k

Bulldog Pendant

VS1 F-G,C.. 19.00ct 14k

XL Bulldog Pendant

VS1 F-G,C.. 26.15ct 14k

Shepherd Pendant

SI1-VS1 G-H,B.. 6.95ct 14k

Pirate Skull Pendant

VS1,AAA G,Can.. 19.50ct 14k

Floating Flowers Earrings

VS1 F-G 1.85ct 18k

Tear Drop Earrings

VS1 G 2.97ct 18k

Sunshine Earrings

VS1 G 4.10ct 18k

Solar Earrings

VS1 G 2.15ct 18k

Solar Earrings 2

VS1 G 5.90ct 18k

Tear Drop Earrings 3

VS1 G 4.26ct 18k

Bubble Earrings 2

VS1 G 3.90ct 18k

10K White Gold Diamonds Square Earrings 61449

SI2-SI3 G-H 0.10ct 14k
$365.00 $179.00

Iced Linked Bracelet

VS1-VVS.. F-G 13.65ct 14k