Amethyst and Diamond Necklace

SI1-SI2 G 0.22ct 14k
Small Lion Head Pendant with Ruby Eyes Metal

Lemon Quartz and Diamond Necklace

SI1-SI2 G 0.52ct 14k
Synthetic Vivid Red Ruby Heart Key Pendant Style

Blue Topaz and Pearl Diamond Pendant 34027

SI1 H 0.87ct 18k
$2,271.00 $1,850.00

Authentic Bee Pendant

SI1 H 0.75ct 18k

Green Quartz Diamond Necklace

SI1-SI2 G 0.14ct 14k

Heart Pendant SS

SI1 H 0.81ct 14k

Flower Heart Pendant

SI3 I-J 0.62ct 14k

Dragonfly Pendant

SI1 H 4.05ct 14k

Hollow Heart Pendant

SI1 H-I 0.59ct 14k
$1,007.00 $700.00

Light Ruby Pear Pendant

SI1 H-I 0.40ct 14k

Pink Topaz & Peridot Pendant

SI1 H 0.31ct 14k

Heart Green Sapphire & Diamond Pendant

SI1 G 1.40ct 18k
$1,976.00 $1,665.00

White Gold Diamond Citrin and Sapphire Pendant

SI1 H 82.08ct 14k
$1,821.00 $1,480.00

Spider Pendant

$1,157.00 $800.00

Rainbow Love Pendant

SI1 H 0.25ct 14k
$957.00 $700.00
Aether Diamond Pendant 45404 Stone