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Busta Rhymes Hip Hop Jewelry - wearing diamond pendants Busta Rhymes: Busta Rhymes with four chains(complete with oversized pendants), two diamond bracelets and a pinky ring for each hand. Too much perhaps? No Way! You can never get enough hip hop jewelry!

TraxNYC Top 5 - Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Pendants
Bart Simpson Diamond Pendant The Incredible Hulk Diamond Pendant Interstate Diamond Pendant Dog Tag Diamond Pendant Mario Star Diamond Pendant

Yung Berg with Diamond Bracelets - Hip Hop Jewelry Yung Berg: Yung Berg may not be the most popular rapper out there right now after being involved in some controversies, but this bracelet he is rockin' is about as fresh as hip hop jewelry gets. It reminds us of our Toni mens diamond bracelets here at TraxNYC. If those diamonds are real, that bracelet is probably worth more than the pendant!

TraxNYC Top 5 - Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Bracelets
Mens Hip Hop Diamond Bracelet Mens Hip Hop Diamond Bracelt Mens Hip Hop Diamond Bracelt Mens Hip Hop Diamond Bracelt Mens Hip Hop Diamond Bracelt

Plies wearing hip hop jewelry - Custom diamond Chain Plies: Heard about Plies wearing fake jewelry? It's a well known not too well kept secret in the music industry that many of the rappers chains you see being flaunted today are not the official deal. You can rest assured that TraxNYC only settles for the best, so Plies won't get any of his fake hip hop jewelry from us! In this picture he appears to be wearing a heavy diamond chain and pendant that reminds us of our sick Shogun Chain.

TraxNYC Top 5 - Hip Hop Diamond and Gold Chains
Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Chain Franco mens chain Hip Hop Diamond Chain Black Stainless Steel Mens Hip Hop Chain Black Diamond Chain - Hip Hop Jewelry Chain

Lil Wayne wearing Diamond watches - Hip Hop Jewlery Lil Wayne: Rapper Birdman has gave his famous son Lil Wayne a million dollar hip hop diamond watch for his 27th birthday. The rapper celebrated his birthday by popping bottles of champagne and eating cake that was covered with diamonds. That's hip hop jewelry, hip hop diamond watches and the hip hop lifestyle at their most extreme.

TraxNYC Top 5 - Diamond Watches
Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches

Birdman King of hip Hop Jewelry Birdman: Birdman describes being a hip hop celebrity as both a gift an a curse. He estimates that he ahs spent at last $150 million dollars in his lifetime. No doubt a big chunk of that was on hip hop jewelry! In this picture he is showing off some iced out diamond rings, as well as a lot of other hip hop jewelry. He might just have a million dollars on him in this picture alone!

TraxNYC Top 5 - Hip Hop jewelry - Diamond Rings
Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches Hip Hop Diamond Watches

Jay Z Wearing Diamond Cross - Hip Hop Jewelry Jay Z: We often hear about Jay Z spending millions of dollars on diamond jewelry for the beautiful Beyonce, but from this picture you can tell that he doesn't exactly skimp when buying hip hop jewelry for himself either. This hip hop diamond cross is almost identical to our Round Cut XL Cross, showing you that we have hip hop jewelry fit for even the biggest superstars here at TraxNYC.!

TraxNYC Top 5 - Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Croses
Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Cross Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Cross Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Cross Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Cross Hip Hop Jewelry - Diamond Cross

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