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TraxNYC is a Jewelry Company that caters to educated consumers, retail jewelry stores, hip hop superstars and celebrities
across the globe. Below is a small portion of some of the familiar faces we have adorned with our diamond jewelry.
Ludacris sporting his second Joe
Rodeo watch. The second watch is the
Pilot, and was a gift from TraxNYC
and Joe Rodeo himself.
Mya and Drake enjoying the new
blue Joe Rodeo Master. You can see
by the looks on their faces they are
happy to be working with Joe Rodeo
& TraxNYC
Play the video and see how
B.O.B. feels about TraxNYC!
Anyone with dollar signs in
their name loves diamond
jewelry from TraxNYC.!
Hip Hop super star Akon
repping TraxNYC hip hop
TraxNYC has served diamond jewelry and other jewelry goods to thousands of customers around the world. As our service improves, and our jewelry and techonolgy takes steps into the future, thousands more will be serviced by our world class diamond jewelry.

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