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Start the production on your custom jewelry, here, without limitations. We'll turn any image into an everlasting work of art. Custom rings, chains and pendants are all started here.

You will never be disappointed by the quality of a custom made piece from TraxNYC. You deserve only the best and an equal opportunity to captivate everyone's attention. Do so by contacting us, immediatly. TraxNYC is the epitome of high-quality jewelry, outstanding customer service and rock-bottom prices you will not find anywhere else.

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What can you expect?

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Lit Flame

At TraxNYC, we specialize in custom gold jewelry. From custom rings to custom pendants. Necklaces to watches and much more. This 14k gold Lit pendant was started with a customer's idea and was brought to life by our skilled in-house jewelers.


This pendant is an excellent example of an intense personalized diamond pendant produced at a reasonable price. Our secret is the appropriate use of gold. A polished gold surface was used here to increase the size of the personalized pendant. This way you get a large pendant without spending thousands on a huge carat weight.


The 3D Conga has to be one of our finest custom jewelry productions ever. This diamond pendant features hand-picked graduating white diamonds and 110 grams of tri-color 14k gold. The production process includes several different parts to assemble - no sweat for our expert jewelers.


Recogonizable logos are a popular items to have customized. For example; our custom sports team pendants are finished with team logos branded cages. Other fine detailed work is always available. Start brainstroming all possiblitioes with our Custom Jeweler, today!