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Custom Diamond & Gold Pendants

Custom Jewelery - Diamond Pendant
Start the production on your custom diamond pendant here. Featuring the latest diamond manufacturing techniques we can make the wildest custom jewelry idea into a reality.

Custom Silver, CZ & Gem Pendants

Custom Jewelery - Gold Pendant
Take custom silver jewelry to the next level by mixing silver, gold, cZs, diamonds and gemstones to create the most elaborate jewelry for rock bottom prices.


Custom Rings
The sky's the limit for our custom men's and women's rings. We'll turn any image into an everlasting work of art.


Custom Crosses
Custom crosses can be made with incredible detail and exotic materials. If you can think of it we can make it.


Custom Earrings
Custom studs and earrings with assorted colors and settings. Create your custom piece here.


Custom Bracelets
Custom bracelets are right here. Start with Toni bracelets or go exotic by making custom skull heads or whatever else. Pair your bracelets with a custom gold necklace.


Custom Watches
Custom bezel on Breitlings, Rolexs. Our diamond watch customization is second to none.

Custom Diamond Chains

Diamond chains are one of the rarest and most prestigious jewelry articles. They are available in only the finest jewelry stores in the world for prices that are beyond realistic. However, on our end we create some of the most magnificent diamond chains ever to be produced. Customized, down to the diamond size, color and even the color of gold.
Custom Jewelry
Custom Jewelry
Custom Pendant
Amalgam Digital
24.43 ct VS G
One of our finest

custom jewelry

productions ever. This diamond pendant features hand-picked graduating diamonds with both black and white diamonds and gold. The production process includes over 30 different parts to assemble - no sweat for our expert jewelers.
Custom Pendant
Gully TV Global
7.23 ct Si Blue Yellow Red
Gully TV is an excellent example of how to make an intense personalized diamond pendant for a very reasonable price. The secret is gold. Use a polished gold surface to increase the size of your personalized pendant and mix in diamonds. This way you get a large pendant without spending thousands on a huge carat weight.
Custom Diamond
Chain & Pendant
Parsley Smurf
3D Model
If you want to sum up our custom jewelry work in one phrase, it would be attention to detail. Our diamond setters, 3D modelists, and wax makers have a standard of work that make Faberg eggs look mediocre. Throw in a matching diamond chain and your jewelry becomes world class and uniquely yours.
Custom Pendant
Montreal Expo's
7.23 ct Si Blue Yellow Red
View the details of our custom jewelry work by clicking on any image on this page or category. Every curve and line is precise. Our skilled jewelry team is standing by to start creating your enduring work of art.
Gold & Enamal Chinese Tiger
Using exotic materials such as enamal, it is an exclusive touch to any custom pendant or ring. Best aspect of enamel is inexpensive and rare.
Gold & Silver Fill Alabama Muzik
With todays gold price, an excellent way to add weight to your custom gold piece is by filling a gold shell with silver -- turning 20g into 100.
Full Gold Casting Star of David
Large full gold pieces can be connected directly to a gold chain to make heavy gold power pieces. Hand model or 3D, we make it.
Sports Custom Seahawk
Sports logos are a populer custom item. Our custom sports team pendants topped off with team logos for cages and other fine detailed work.
Custom Chains Tri-Color Chain
The Tri-Color diamond chain. Pink, Canary & white diamonds set into matching gold turns this chain into a one of a kind masterpiece.
Ladies Custom Cluster Ring
A ring customized to detailed specifics. Transforming center stones to specific sizes and other specifics makes a ring that is just your own.
The Making of BLOCKTIME
1) Customer provides sketch
2) Intial 3D Model presented
3) Color adjusted by the
requirements of the
4) Front to back, the diamonds
are set digitally to determine
carat and gold weight.
5) Custom diamond chain is
manufactured to match the
custom diamond pendant.
We Present BlockTime
Custom Engagement Ring
Customizing a ring to the finest detail takes care, time, a professional jeweler and high technology.

Luckily, we have all four of those components.
Working on a custom jewelry project with some of our professionals will bring to light the infinite possibilities that are available when working on a custom engagement ring.

flower set diamonds anchor charm pendant

Released on 12-04-2017

Whether you're looking for the perfect anniversary present or just another stunning piece to add to your jewelry collection, this Pendant from TraxNYC will capture your imagination with its awe-inspiring design. Dazzling Round cut, SI1 quality diamonds sparkle in the solid 14k Yellow Gold to give a luxurious look.Crafted in glistening 14k Yellow Gold, this remarkable piece is all you need to express your love and affection for that special someone.
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
Flower Set Diamonds Anchor Charm Pendant Metal
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Prong Diamond Initial Letter K Pendant 64821 Metal Custom Diamond Keychain Pendant 64798 Metal 14K Gold Customizable Photo Pendant 0.75 Inch 64797 Style Custom Made Venom Pendant 64796 Metal Custom Diamond Pendant 64794 Stone
Custom Diamond Pendant 64793 Metal 14K Gold Custom Photo Pendant 0.75 Inch 64758 Style Platinum Diamond Three Stone Ring 64757 Engagement Platinum Diamond Eternity Band 64756 Wedding Custom Diamond Tennis Chain 24 Inches 6mm 87 Grams 64755 Diamond
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