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Diamond Price BETA
Welcome to Diamond Price by TraxNYC. This is a tool that you can use to obtain the market price of any diamond, certified or un-certified. Along with the price of any diamond, we offer insightful information and the purchasing power to buy any single stone or large parcel.
Please note that this price tool is still being devloped and the prices are still being adjusted.
Round Diamond Live Price Gauge
All Black Diamonds are AAA grade.
All colored diamonds are treated.
Clarity FL
Color D
Carat 0.00 ct
Cut Good
Quantity   x 1   =   0.00   Total Carat
TraxNYC Cert.   (Free)  
UGL Cert.   + $50.00  
Diamond Price by TraxNYC is a new tool that is beginning to redefine how diamonds are purchased and priced. In a short amount of time we will expanding our selection to any cut of diamonds and the option of GIA certification. What to keep in mind when playing with this tool is that you can measure the worth of not just a single stone, but of many carats of small diamonds. With that being said you can appraise the worth of the diamonds in your own jewelry! Just enter your carat weight, diamond size, and amount of diamonds and you will see the cost of your own diamonds.